Me and an R2 unit at the Mini Maker Faire in LA

Hi my name is Tim Jepson. I am originally from Dunedin, New Zealand and I now live in San Diego, California with my wife and our Boston Terrier Molly. I work as a Technology Facilitator for a museum education program called School in the Park. I do a little bit of surfing and I run regularly. My passions include art, photography and design. My background is in graphic design, art history and film studies.

I have been encouraged to pursue my masters in EdTech by my many mentors and friends at the program I work for. I have been learning a lot about Educational Technology through my work however, I feel like there is much more to learn and I want to take my skill set and knowledge base to the next level. I believe technology can be a powerful tool for learning if the educators and students can use the tech in the right way.

Me and an R2 unit at the Mini Maker Faire in LA