EdTech 541 – Module 4 – VLOG

Click here to access the VLOG: Educators Discuss Multimedia Integration (via Google Photos) or type in the URL: https://goo.gl/photos/vwESicdmrvjJ4Q5u6


One thought on “EdTech 541 – Module 4 – VLOG

  1. beckatboise says:

    Tim, such a great video! Didn’t know if anyone would be able to do the long format option! You’ve interview some great educators with great responses. The use in Physics and the sciences I relate to the most, as I often needed to watch videos more than once, pause and rewind, to understand the content. I love the concept of using multimedia in the humanities to teach the plot for the plays. Other than just recording the play itself, having them create the plot as their own trailer allows for critical thinking and understanding of the play in order to break it down and tell it in a summed up trailer. That is a good use I hadn’t thought of before for multimedia.


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