Educational Technology Definition Graphic


The colors in the above graphics are slightly distorted on WordPress. Click here for the original version: Educational Technology Definition Graphic

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the graphic, which is design software I am very comfortable with. I had originally intended for the image to look like a lighthouse with the light being the ‘learning’ block, but it came out a little different, so I dropped the lighthouse angle and went with a very simple, straightforward design. I believe it’s important to keep this kind of graphic as simple as possible. The definition of EdTech is very complicated already and a complicated image to represent it does not help clarify things. I wanted my graphic to have a kind of flow from the bottom up.

I used color to differentiate between the sections, and graphically represent how the sections support each other. In my mind, the foundation of EdTech is study and ethics (green), and I attempted to represent that this carries through everything an EdTech professional does. Resting on the foundation are the skills required to specialize in EdTech (blue). I can relate to the skills described in the definition. I’ve found EdTech to be a very creative job, although you really do end up spending a huge amount of time managing devices and even information, as described in the reading. Within the blue skills section is the product or result of the EdTech professional’s efforts, appropriate technological processes and resources (purple). Again, I can relate to this from my experience creating resources for my job and helping educators design/develop lesson plans and curricula. This section extends to the top, where learning is the result of the facilitating and improving process. This block is winged on either side by the foundation elements study and ethics. The entire structure comes together for one purpose: enhancing learning  and learning environments.



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