School Evaluation Summary – The Museum School



For this assignment we were tasked with performing a technology survey on our school and then creating a summary of the report.

I found this assignment to be a huge eye-opener for me. I had previously thought of the program as a technologically progressive one. My program has played a role in pioneering augmented reality educational games and we even have a rotation in which students create simple robots. However, as I began performing the survey, I started to realize how low the program was scoring on the ranking scale. The survey also revealed to me how inconsistent technology use and infrastructure are at the program I work for. This is partly due to administrative policies which favor low-budget technology use and a general lack of coordination through all the separate institutions involved. In addition, a cultural and perhaps philosophical mistrust of technology dominates the attitudes of administrative staff. When you speak to individual educators about this general mistrust, you realize that its not simply a fear of change but also due to a history of mismanaged attempts to integrate technology. For example, our educators were expected to learn and incorporate a classroom management system called MyBigCampus. For two years, educators slowly built the software into their class activities and taught their students how to use it. Unfortunately, just when they seemed to be making progress the company went under and the district pulled the software. Educators were understandably frustrated and weary of any new software or technology from then on.

To be honest, I found the results of the survey somewhat bleak. After I had a chance to process the data and write my summary, I feel much more confident about what needs to be done and which areas we need to focus on going forward. I plan to complete a survey on my program once a year from now on to stay informed with the current state of technology use and planning, and to remind myself that even if we talk a lot about 3D printing and emerging technologies, that what is actually happening in the office and classrooms is what matters.


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