Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

Bridge2For this assignment, we were made into small groups and assigned the task of creating a presentation, using Prezi, prioritizing various solutions to address the issues of the digital divide and digital inequality. I was very lucky to be grouped with outstanding students on this assignment who helped me to learn a great deal about the digital divide and the real world issues at stake.

I had been aware of the concept of digital inequality but this was the first time I had heard the term digital divide. For me, this opens up a ‘can of worms’ of related issues that apply to my work at the School in the Park program. The more I read about this subject, the more passionate I become about the work I do with underprivileged communities. I believe even after this assignment is complete, that I will continue to research and investigate this topic as it not only relates to my work but I believe it effects us all. I also feel more confident that I can argue for the use of technology in education as vital to 21st century learning, supporting my argument with well documented data.

Because I have a background in educational film production, I was able to utilize my skills to contribute to our Prezi. Given more time, I would put more effort into providing original illustrations to help communicate the somewhat complicated issues we discussed but I focused more on ensuring my script was up to my group’s standards and that our overall presentation was consistent.

Overall, I found this assignment to be an in-depth but very interesting topic of study. I was excited about the opportunity to work with other students on a group assignment and also for the chance to use Prezi. Previously, I had only read about Prezi but I had not actually made one before. After this assignment, I feel confident I can create thoughtful Prezis for my work and encourage co-workers to use this great tool.

Here is the link to our Prezi:
Bridging the Digital Divide and Digital Inequality
by Team A (Tom, Faylene, Tim and Steven)

Thank you very much to Faylene, Tom and Steven! I had an amazing time working with you all and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from each of you. Best of luck with the rest of your studies.


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